24/7 Remote Pest Monitoring

Monitor pest activity 24 hours a day 7 days a week with our remote pest monitoring system.

How does 24/7 Remote Pest Monitoring work? 

This service works by installing several Wedge systems in your home, once these have been triggered they will send a signal to the base station that is linked to the internet. 

This will then send a notification to the App on your phone allowing you to receive instant notifications helping to save time with less visits to the infested location. 

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Advantages when using remote pest monitoring;

  • Receive an immediate alert when a trap is activated, allowing you to implement the correct action at once.

  • 24/7 Operation

  • There is no requirement for permanent toxic baits.

  • Ideal for monitoring difficult inspection areas such as under bolted floors or suspended ceilings.

  • Dead rodents can be removed quickly and not go undetected.

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