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Truly Nolen has the right Warewash Chemicals for your specific application. Truly Nolen offers many different warewash solutions including dish machine detergents for both hard and soft water conditions, dish machine rinse aids for high and low temp applications, and machine sanitizers.
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Janitorial & Housekeeping Cleaning Systems

Truly Nolen offers a full range of janitorial and housekeeping cleaning solutions for floors, restrooms, glass and general purpose.
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Drain Treatment

Truly Nolen grease trap and drain treatment products will keep drain lines free flowing, and grease traps functioning properly while controlling odors. Combined with our revolutionary dispensing system, product is delivered to the drain with optimum dispersion—it efficiently carries product farther into the system with better penetration and results. 
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Antibacterial ULV Disinfection Treatment  

Fight against bacteria, MRSA and Norovirus with ULV disinfectant treatment from Truly Nolen Pest Prevention & Control in Ballynahinch, County Down

What is ULV? 

The World Health Organisation defines ULV as follows: “Ultra Low Volume spraying utilizes the minimum volume of insecticidal
formulation required to produce the desired biological effect with maximum economy” Using special formulations, applied through dedicated application equipment, ULV programmes achieve this. ULV can also be used for insect control and deodorisation.

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How Does UVL work? 

Liquids are passed through a specially designed unit, which generates an air-borne mist of droplets. These droplets diffuse through the treated area and settle out onto surfaces, meaning that the material used will be active both as a space spray and a surface spray.

ULV Disinfectant will kill bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viral organisms identified as being associated with diseases transferred by rodents to humans.
UVL is also effective against MRSA & Norovirus.

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If you are looking for fumigation and pest control services in in Ballynahinch, County Down or anywhere in Northern Ireland, contact us at Truly Nolen Pest Prevention & Control 
on 028 9756 4247
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Washroom services  

We have a wide range of washroom products and washroom services to keep your business fresh smelling.
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Why is it important to hire professionals?

If your washrooms are open to the public, some people will decide whether or not they will stay and spend money in a building depending on the cleanliness of your toilets, so for good profits you should invest in professional services. There is legislation around how clean your washrooms should be and we will ensure that our business is kept up to the governments high standards.
pest control solutions

We can provide:

  • Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Disposal 
  • Automated Airfresh Systems 
  • Urinal Sanitisers 
  • Nappy Bins 
  • Air Purifiers 
  • Dust Mat Rental 
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