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Deal with rodent infestations using integrated pest management solutions from Truly Nolen Pest Prevention & Control in Ballynahinch, County Down and across Northern Ireland.

Rodent control solutions for homes and businesses

Truly Nolen use Integrated pest management when dealing with rodent infestations. 
Sometimes it may be possible to solve a particular problem by improving sanitation or by reviewing operational procedures alone. 

If required Truly Nolen will only use the highest quality products available minimising the risk to people and non-targets.
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Methods for effective rodent control:

Improved sanitation
Improved procedures
Mechanical exclusion (sealing up entry points using a variety of materials)
Harbourage reduction
Rodenticide baiting 

Our rodent control services:

Our team of experts will carry out a thorough inspection to identify entry points and possible food sources. The rodents will be identified and the technician will determine a course of action to control the infestation and prevent further ingress. 

The technician will communicate with you throughout the process relaying the findings, recommendations, what they did and what you, our customer, can expect. 
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Control the rodent infestation in your property in in Ballynahinch, County Down or anywhere in Northern Ireland. Contact Truly Nolen Pest Prevention & Control 
on 028 9756 4247 for more details.
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